Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Top 5 Reasons Job Hunting Sucks

For the last 3 1/2 years I've been a freelance writer and personal/business assistant - two things that barely supported me living in Orange County, CA...then I moved back to Tucson for a business venture that fell apart almost as soon as it started, which means I'm stranded in the desert - literally. No car at the moment (which REALLY makes job hunting o' so fun) and a job market that's probably mirroring the majority of the U.S. is making life in the Old Pueblo less than stellar. So... just in case anyone else would like a seat on the pity boat leaving the harbor, here's my top 5 reasons job hunting sucks:

  1. Redundancy - Fill out the online app so you can attach your resume so you can get an interview with a staffing specialist, where you fill at an app before you can proceed. Wouldn't it be better to allow someone to actually just fill out the header portion of an application and attach the resume?? How many trees could be saved?
  2. Qualifications - Speaking of staffing agencies...so far I've been told I'm overqualified for entry level positions (I am), that being self-employed can be seen as a negative to prospective companies, and since I HAVE been self-employed for a few years, my non-consecutive "real jobs" are causing a gap that is an "issue". I'm ready to say I took three or four years off to join the Peace Corp, take care of a dying relative or have kids. Maybe I could join Witness Protection and then my past could be wiped clean.
  3. Competition - People keep saying "You're not alone." Well, duh! There are thousands of us right now that are all vying for jobs below our "pay grade" or skill set... I know, because I've met a few filling out apps and sitting at the bus stop.
  4. Logistics - I thought it was so unfair when I saw so many job listings that said "must have reliable transportation", until I actually attempted to use the public bus. In a nutshell: Nightmare.  Tucson is an every-sprawling city in which the bus system has yet to catch up to the newest outlying business parks, and because of budget cuts, it's cut its service hours... alot. On the weekends, the two bus stops closest to me run only once an hour. The nearest mall is across from the transit center, which I found out runs its last bus around 8:30 at night. That's super special since the mall is open till 9. Yesterday I got off the bus with 5 minutes to spare on my way to an interview only to find out that a construction crew had ripped out the sidewalk and the nearest crosswalk would make that little round trip to get to the other side almost a mile. Yes, I want a job. No I'm not willing to walk in open trenches in a dress and slingbacks.
  5. Humanity sucking vortex - (I saved the best for last) I love the convenience of technology most of the time, but when it comes to job hunting, it has an ugly side... the side where "professionals" have forgotten to be humane. We live in a world where initial face-to-face contact is shielded by virtual means, so much so that hiring managers and staffing peeps seem to forget there's a human being on the other side. I can't tell you how many times I have submitted my resume, made a follow up phone call, sent a cover letter etc. that has been met with nothing more than the sound of a large vacuum.  *sigh*

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